Antonio Marras + Nodo Italia

Mixing fashion, design, and functionality arises from the restlessness and creativity of Antonio Marras + Nodo Italia. Born the collection where artistry and innovation are intertwined.

Carrying theme “Il Mare Dove Non Si Tocca” (The Untouchable Sea). With main colors of Blue, Bordeaux, and Beige. In which blue, the color of the sea, will recur with strong aesthetic force. Discover the mysterious and fascinating deep sea, made of water and wind, myths, stories, and sailors. Explore the unique blend of artistry and craftsmanship, reshaping modern living.


Together creating well-coordinated environments with various technologies, textures, and colors. Including chairs, sofas, poufs, lanterns, and tables using fabrics, weaves, and knits in various shades using our existing collections of EVA, VIA, ZIP, BRIQUE, and SUSY.

The EVA chair and sofa are made with a combination of melange rope and braids in blue, bordeaux, and beige, along with the OLYNA yarn, which is also used for four rugs and poufs with padded seats. The ZIP sofa is designed with knitted panels and a unique braided structure. The BRIQUE series features highly textured manual weaves with a striped blue fabric, the same used for the VIA chair. In addition to furniture, the NODO lanterns also take the spotlight, transformed into works of art composed through Marras’ artistic talent.


Immers yourself in the magnificent atmosphere of inspiration and innovation at Nonostante Marras during Milan Design Week 2024 (16th April – 21st April 2024). The showroom will therefore become an environment of emotion and storytelling, where very detail transports you to a world beneath the waves. In a place out of the ordinary, which escapes the dimensions of time and space and eludes the rational perception of those who visit it. Setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

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